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Probably no other community in Suffolk County has as many old homes dating back well over a hundred years as the village of Bayport. Many of the homes along Middle Road date back over 150 years. The Clark Smith farmhouse on the northeast corner of Fairview Avenue was built around 800.

Lawrence Edwards came from the island of Barbados and bought a farmhouse where the Parmentier nursery is located today. In 1834 he built the three homes on the north side of Middle Road in later years occupied by Miles, Chidesler and Alvarez. Carmen 5eaman built the farmhouse on the southeast corner of Seaman Avenue about 1810. Seaman Avenue is named after him Bayport, situated on the Great South Bay, extends for about one mile from Great South Bay to the South Country Road (now Montauk Highway).

Farmhouses were built more or less ina row through the middle of the farms. A large number of these farmhouses still stand today dating back from 1800 to 1860. In 1834 a road was built through the middle of the farms from Sayville to Blue Point connecting the farmhouses, and was called Middle Road. In fact, the community was called Middle Road Village for a while, then became Southport. In 1858, the name was changed to Bayport.

The railroad came to Bayport in 1869 The original railroad station was the building that is now The Bayport House Restaurant. The first schoolhouse was a small one room building which stood on the north side of Main Street. In 1952 the Bayport and Blue Point school districts were consolidated. There is now a Senior High School, a Middle School, and three elementary schools in the district.