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Bohemia Information

Three young couples from Austria and Hungary arrived on March 5, 1855, and became trie founders of what was to become the Islip Town community of Bohemia.

Many of the early newcomers came from the central European area known as Bohemia. They bought acreage and in 1869, a one-room schoolhouse was built.

The first industry was cigar making, at which the Bohemians were expert. Soon there were about eight cigar factories in the area. This continued until about 1930, when machine-made cigars in New York City quickly replaced most made by hand.

On Sept 26, 1893, the community dedicated a statue to Jan Hus. According to the Bohemia Historical Society, it was first monument to honor the fearless Czech priest who was burned at trie stake July 6, 1415, for preaching religious freedom a hundred years before Martin Luther's reformation. It stands in the Union Cemetery on the south side of Church Street.

Bohemia is centrally located five minutes from the Ronkonkoma Train Station,and the Long Island Expressway.

Bohemia is also the home of Connetquot River State Park, and Long Island MacArthur Airport. Connetquot State Park which is the former home of the Southsides Sportsmen's Club, is settled on 3,473 acres, and was host to many of Vanderbilt's leisure activities. In 1967, the Connetquot Park became a conservation area and offers specific areas for nature walk, hiking and fly fishing. One will also find equestrian country park and plenty of house trails situated on the grounds of the park.

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